Antares is a port of the original Ares code base that was open sourced in 2008. Antares is an extremely faithful reproduction of the original Ares experience, making changes only as necessary to support running on modern computers.

Antares has its official repository on GitHub. Bugs and feature requests should be submitted to its issue tracker.

The latest version of Antares is 0.9.1, released 11 July, 2020. It is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0.


“This mission has special significance. We have confirmed that one of the Obiards being held is Ambassador Thrntz, a key negotiator in the Obain/Gaitor Nonagression Pact.” Space Race, the Musical! “Here's a transport to use. You still have the planet selected as a target, so all you need to do is select this transport and hit the Order to Go key, CONTROL.”