The Factory Scenario

The original data for Ares, by Nathan Lamont, is referred to as the “Ares factory scenario”. It serves as a base for all other scenarios. Often, it is convenient to refer to resources from the factory scenario instead of creating everything from scratch.

1   Antares

For licensing reasons, the Antares factory scenario differs slightly from the Ares factory scenario. It contains replacements for some sounds, when the originals could not be included. If possible, Antares downloads and patches in the original sounds to restore the Ares factory scenario.

Generally, you can ignore the difference between the Ares and Antares factory scenarios.

2   Licensing

The Antares factory scenario is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. In practical terms, what this means is:

  • If you don’t copy or modify any of the factory scenario’s files, then you don’t have any obligations.

    You can still reference its files. For example, it’s OK to:

    • List objects from the factory scenario in a level that you wrote yourself.
    • Write a new object with a template from the factory scenario.
    • Set a player’s race to one of the races from the factory scenario.
    • Play music or sounds from the factory scenario.
    • Show pictures or sprites from the factory scenario.
  • If you copy or modify any of the factory scenario’s files, you need to follow the terms of its license. You need to release your changes under the terms of the same license, and mark them as such.

5   Objects

5.1   Templates

Template Description
tpl/any root; never used directly
  tpl/rotation objects with a sprite given by facing
    tpl/ship persistent and controllable flying objects
      tpl/warship ships shown as a triangle when zoomed out
        tpl/fighter small ships without hyperdrive and light weaponry
        tpl/cruiser small ships with hyperdrive and light weaponry
        tpl/schooner small ships with hyperdrive and basic weaponry
        tpl/hvc small ships with hyperdrive and heavy weaponry
        tpl/gunship medium ships with heavy weaponry
        tpl/hvd large ships with devastating weaponry
        tpl/defdrone small ships with slow speed and high shields
      tpl/capship ships shown as a diamond when zoomed out
        tpl/carrier large ships that carry and launch fighters
      tpl/utilship ships shown as a plus when zoomed out
        tpl/transport small ships that land on and capture planets
        tpl/engineer small ships used to capture flak drones
        tpl/aslttran medium ships that carry EVATs to capture stations
  tpl/evat soldiers launched from assault transports
  tpl/rotpulse rotated projectiles
    tpl/missile projectiles that turn and seek their target
tpl/animation objects with a fixed or cycling sprite
  tpl/waypoint points that can be selected and navigated to
    tpl/planet fixed objects captured by transports
    tpl/structure fixed objects that can be shot at
      tpl/station structures that fight back
  tpl/effect non-interactive animations drawn above ships
  tpl/scenery non-interactive animations drawn below ships
  tpl/hazard rocks, debris, and other collidable hazards
  tpl/drone animated, ship-like objects
  tpl/anipulse animated projectiles
tpl/ray point-to-point vector effects
tpl/bolt vector projectiles that move along a trajectory
tpl/device non-physical objects activated by other objects
  tpl/gun devices used for attacking forwards
  tpl/turret devices used for attacking in all directions
  tpl/special devices used only when explicitly ordered

5.4   Campaign Ships

5.5   Net Level Ships

5.6   Weapons and Projectiles

Name Device(s) Projectile Effects
ASB Beam Cannon dev/asb/gun dev/asb/bolt  
Antimatter Reactor dev/anti1/gun, dev/anti1/rapid dev/anti1/pulse  
Antimatter Type II dev/anti2/gun dev/anti2/pulse dev/anti2/pulse2
Atomic Pulse dev/atomic/turret dev/atomic/pulse sfx/sparkle
Audemedon Missile dev/amissile/launcher dev/amissile/missile  
CTF Reactivator (P1) dev/reactivator/p1    
CTF Reactivator (P2) dev/reactivator/p2    
Charged Form Cannon dev/cform/gun dev/cform/pulse  
Chronon Particle Gun dev/chronon/gun dev/chronon/pulse  
ClusterCell Array dev/cluster/turret dev/cluster/pulse  
Concussive Pellet dev/conc/gun dev/conc/pellet sfx/gunsmoke
Cruise Missile dev/cm/launcher, dev/cm/five dev/cm/missile  
Electronic Jam dev/jammer/turret    
Flak Artillery dev/flak/turret dev/flak/pulse dev/flak/flak
Fullerene Gun dev/fullerene/gun dev/fullerene/pulse  
Fusion Pulse Reactor dev/fusion/gun, dev/fusion/rapid dev/fusion/pulse  
Holographic Decoy dev/holo/item dev/holo/decoy  
Inasa Pulse Gun dev/inasa/gun, dev/inasa/rapid dev/inasa/pulse  
Kinetic Laser dev/kl/gun dev/kl/bolt  
LRPK Beam (Salrilian) dev/pk/sal/gun dev/pk/sal/bolt  
Laser Cannon dev/laser/gun dev/laser/gun-bolt  
Laser Turret dev/laser/turret dev/laser/turret-bolt  
Lepton Beam Cannon dev/lepton/gun dev/lepton/bolt  
Lightwave Pulse dev/mine/gun dev/mine/pulse  
Magneto Pulse Gun dev/magneto/gun, dev/magneto/rapid dev/magneto/pulse  
Magno Launcher dev/magno/turret dev/magno/pulse  
Neutron Pulse Gun dev/neutron/gun dev/neutron/pulse  
Newo Beam Cannon dev/newo/gun dev/newo/bolt  
Onas Pulse Gun dev/onas/gun dev/onas/pulse  
P-K Beam (Cantharan) dev/pk/can/gun dev/pk/can/bolt  
P-K Beam (Ishiman) dev/pk/ish/gun, dev/pk/ish/rapid, dev/pk/ish/hand dev/pk/ish/bolt  
Photoreactor Pulse dev/photo/gun, dev/photo/light dev/photo/pulse  
Plasma Ball Gun dev/fireball/gun dev/fireball/pulse dev/fireball/trail
ProtoPulse Cannon dev/pp/turret, dev/pp/twin dev/pp/pulse  
Protopulse 2 Gun dev/pp2/pulse dev/pp2/gun  
Quasimatter Gun dev/quasi/gun dev/quasi/pulse  
R-Plasma Launcher dev/rplasma/gun dev/rplasma/pulse  
Repulser Beam dev/repulser/turret dev/repulser/bolt  
Shrikeolator dev/shrikeolator/turret dev/shrikeolator/pulse  
Stealth Field dev/stealth/item    
Trans-Space Bolt dev/tspace/gun dev/tspace/ray  
Trazer Cannon dev/trazer/gun dev/trazer/ray  
Z Beam Cannon dev/zbeam/turret dev/zbeam/bolt  

5.6.1   EVAT Assault Teams and Fighter Launch Bays

Race Assault Team Launch Bay
Human [1] dev/bay/uns
Ishiman dev/assault/ish dev/bay/ish
Cantharan dev/assault/can dev/bay/can
Gaitori dev/assault/gai dev/bay/gai
Salrilian dev/assault/sal dev/bay/sal
Audemedon dev/assault/aud dev/bay/aud

5.7   Hazards

5.7.1   Asteroids

5.7.2   Zerbilites

6   Footnotes

[1](1, 2) The Human Assault Transport launches Ishiman EVATs.