A briefing is a page in a level’s Mission Analysis. It explains some information about the level, such as a win or loss condition, or an important object. The mission analysis starts with a starmap location, then a system-level overview, then displays all briefing points in sequence on top of the system-level overview.

Non-tutorial solo levels should have at least one briefing point. The briefing points should explain the success and failure conditions for the mission. Net levels and training missions generally do not have briefings.

Example briefing

1   Definition

A briefing is a procyon value with the following fields:

Field Req? Type
initial no index of an initial
title yes string
content yes string

1.1   initial

“Proteus. The Cantharan Order controls the Proteus System. In your first major offensive move against the Order, you will seize their base on Proteus Gamma.”

A freestanding briefing point with a null initial.

“Proteus Alpha. The base on Alpha can produce fighters and cruisers”

A briefing point with a highlighted initial.

Focuses on the given initial object in the system. Generally, the object is a ship or base of interest. The initial must exist and not be hidden at the start of the level.

If not provided, the briefing is shown centered, without focusing on any particular object. To focus on an arbitrary location in space, create an invisible object and focus on it.

1.2   title

The title of the briefing, shown in the header of the briefing’s box.

1.3   content

The content of the briefing, shown within the briefing’s box.

Briefings can references pictures and objects by name:

Example Meaning
^Pish/gunship^ Show the portrait for the object named ish/gunship (which must have a portrait). The player can look at its data by clicking and holding on the portrait.
^Pbrf/jump-gate^ Show the picture named brf/jump-gate.

If both objects and pictures exist with the given name, the object’s portrait is shown. (usually it’s the same image, but this enables the click-for-stats behavior)

Generally, the ^P…^ code should be at the beginning or end of a paragraph, but not in-between. Images used in briefings must be exactly 200 pixels wide. Most are 200×100.